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Print Management

The cost of printing has continued to increase over the years, with more and more sophisticated machines, and the ability to self-print high res/colour documents, publications and photos. There is also a need for specialist papers for industries that require intricate detail to their prints or plans.

We work with you to identify how we can reduce wastage, ensure full use of the existing hardware, and assess how we can consolidate costs against your requirements.

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Many companies accumulate machinery over time, and we aim to identify these,
analyse usage and whether the machines are cost and suitably viable going forward.

We will then work with you to ensure that the correct consumables for each machine
are available on a timely basis. We do this through a remote monitoring facility of the
machine. It will also tell us where further, user focussed reductions can be made.

We aim to provide the appropriate paper and consumables on a just in time basis,
so that you never run out.

Document Storage and disposal

Data and document security is high on many companies priorities, with the safe disposal of documents a must!

We have a number of solutions that can be employed to ensure your security is of the highest possible.

Data capture

Many companies have stores of documents that take up valuable space. Our system will allow us to securely scan the original documents and transfer it to media for future use. Our software can also allow you to source and recall any original document once it has been scanned and it can be reproduced as the original. This helps to free up storage space, and also ensures that the documents are password secure and can only be accessed by an authorised person. We can then arrange the safe disposal or off-site storage of the originals.

Disposal of documents

Ensuring that sensitive documents are disposed of securely is vital to a companies security. We will work with you to identify the most appropriate solution for your needs. From secure internal document storage facilities, to timely collections and certificates of disposal, you can be assured of a complete process that will provide complete security of your documents.

Please do contact us to arrange a visit to assess your requirements.

Water Coolers

It is a well-documentedand publicised fact that we should each be drinking more water each day. Having a water cooler plumbed in directly to your water supply, that requires no additional filters, comes without a tie in contract period, and is installed and maintained for free is the easiest option available.

Springfield can help you to decide where you would like your water machine installed

  • Prices guaranteed for up to 5 years
  • No contract
  • FREE installation regardless of length of run
  • FREE sanitisation
  • No heavy lifting of water bottles
  • Never run out of cool, filtered water – even during periods of peak demand

Springfield has built a reputation for quality service to both large and small customers. We offer mains fed, filtered water coolers and boilers at a fraction of the cost of using bottled water.

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