Delivery Options

In simple terms, what we do is make sure that you have the right products delivered to the right place, at the time you need it!

We give you free next day delivery on all stationery orders, throughout the UK, backed by our partners 99.5% order accuracy guarantee. Our service is second to none, and we are proud of it.

That is why we offer fast, free, next day delivery on all stationery orders anywhere in the UK and why our service is underwritten by a guarantee of 99.5% accuracy.

In reality, this allows you to:

  • Reduce internal stock holdings
  • Reduce and eliminate wastage
  • Release cash flow

We aim to reduce, re-use and recycle within our distribution channels.

We can show clear and measurable reductions in our carbon footprint, and by utilising forward thinking technology, we have been able to put in place initiatives that enable greater efficiencies across the board.

Employing real time online vehicle tracking, we have been able to streamline our delivery routes, and
enabled congestion avoidance to reduce delivery times, which give our customers peace of mind that
their orders will be delivered on time.

Furthermore, as a result of the data the system provides we have been able to rationalise our fleet,
increase the amount of completed deliveries we are able to make and maintain a duty of care to
both the environment and our drivers.

Springfield is a Gold member of So-Go-Eco, and we are annually audited to ensure our compliance and continued reduction in waste and carbon footprint.

We recycle our cardboard, packaging and pallets both for internal and outside use. We donate to local groups, schools and charities, damaged and discontinued stock.